At Jangel, we see that various disciplines of designs enrich and nourish each other while bringing out the best of You. Whether a simple booklet or complex piece of motion graphics, illustration or custom typography for your brand – they are all actors in the same play.

We aim for modern yet timeless aesthetics, clear storytelling and form-follows-function design.

How we can help you:

Identity of a brand can be created from a close study of your product or service, story behind it, the message you want to communicate, observation of the target market, competitors etc. We want to help you stand out while being resistant over time.

Illustration is a powerful tool to communicate complex ideas. Words and images together help to understand a story, message or emotion. An illustration can reflect the tone of the narrative, make texts more interesting, make a brand consistent, add personality and human touch to otherwise cold material. 

Motion design helps you to be more visible and connect to the viewer more efficiently. Clear storytelling makes even the most complex subject easily graspable and interesting to watch.

Books and different editorial materials are all created in belief to communicate with the reader. We do our best to make the interaction target-based and comfortable.

Custom font and lettering for your brand or project help to communicate a message, makes it unique and consistent.

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